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  1. Improving efficiency in the detection and capture of minks. Creating new work protocols that combining and adapting different methods allow to reach the American mink eradication, early detection of its dispersive movements and monitoring the conservation status of European mink.
  2. Eradication of American mink within the range of distribution and risk areas of European mink applying the new work protocols created. It also includes the training of personnel in the new techniques as well as the participation of joint teams (external experts and administration staff).
  3. Restoration of European mink populations. Reinforcement of the population in the most vulnerable areas will be carried out, either because of low number of individuals remained or fragmentation caused by loss of habitat quality or by invasion of the American mink. The target areas are the Cantabrian rivers and some Ebro catchments. It is also proposed the creation of a new population in Autonomous Community of Aragon. The individuals that are being released will be bred in currently running breeding programme. The action also consists of pre-release enclosures to ensure successful adaptation of captive-born animals to the wild, and monitoring that allow to assess the effectiveness of release operation (radio tracking, live-trapping, genetic individualization…). This action will be carried out only in the areas free from American mink.
  4. Monitoring network. Through the implementation of the protocols generated, the monitoring network will be established so that it continuously will assess the status of conservation of the European mink and follow the evolution of the area occupied by the American mink, with emphasis on early detection of colonization in sensitive areas for European mink.
  5. Captive population management. Joining of eastern (EEP – European Endangered Species Programme) and western (Spain) captive populations of European mink. Previous work to guarantee the viability of joint management unit (genetic characterization and experimental breeding) will be carried out.
  6. Restoration of European mink habitat in the river Ebro. Improvement of habitat conditions in land of public ownership in the province of Alava, bought with funds from this proposal.
  7. Reduction of non-natural mortality of the European mink. Assessment the impact of road infrastructure in the province of Álava and proposed corrective measures.