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Links of interest

Links of interest related to the European mink

LIFE Programme
Nature 2000
European mink’s Conservation strategy and ex-situ Conservation Programme for the European mink
Management strategy, control and eradication of the American mink in Spain
LIFE Desmania

Programme for the recovery and conservation of Galemys pyrenaicus and its habitat in Castile and Leon and Extremadura.

LIFE Invasep

Combating invasive species within the Tagus and Guadiana river basins in the Iberian peninsula.

Center for Environmental Studies - Technical Studies - Mammals

List of studies developed since the late 90's in the municipality of Vitoria-Gasteiz, where 6 studies related to the European mink can be consulted.

FIEB. Foundation for Research in Ethology and Biodiversity. European Mink Breeding Center.

FIEB was formed with the aim of developing projects related to the protection of biodiversity and the study of animal behavior, providing facilities for researchers and organizations working in the environmental field.

Life Territorio Visón

MINK TERRITORY is a Navarre project financed by the European Commission through the Program LIFE+ "Nature and Biodiversity". It is directed at promoting the biodiversity of the lower reaches of the Arga and Aragón rivers

Life Infonatur 2000

The project titled “LIFE11 INF/ES/683 ¿Red Natura 2000?: An opportunity for everyone” (INFONATUR 2000) is an information and communication project whose main objective is to publicize the Natura 2000 Network, to disseminate its values and resources and to promote sustainable socio-economic development, contributing to the appropriate implementation of the Natura 2000 Network.

LIFE Miera

Recovery of habitat types and species populations of Community interest along the full length of the Miera River

Life Vison

LIFE Project for the conservation of the European mink in France