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Proposal for corrective measures to reduce mortality from European mink in Álava

Febrero, 2016
Medidas correctoras atropellos

Run over causes every year the death of thousands of animals of a significant number of species like the European mink. Although the number of accidents of this species is not high, its persistence and concentration in certain stretches make this condition  very important for some population nuclei.

The risk represented by the road infrastructure for the European mink in Álava has been assessed and corrective measures have been proposed.

In a first step were collected all the data of the accidents happened in Álava since the end of the 80s corresponding to 43 European mink. Since 2011, 5 turons and 5 American minks have also been ran over.

With this data, the stretches and black spots of the province were monitored, corrective measures were compiled associated with each section evaluated and a monitoring plan for the evaluation of these measures.