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Plataforma trampeo LIFE LUTREOLA SPAIN
December, 2014

In autumn 2014 three different methods (river trapping, mink raft trapping and phototrapping) were compared for the detection and capture of European mink and American mink. The trial was conducted in eight pre-selected rivers in 2012, 4 with presence of European mink and 4 of American mink.

Visita de técnicos franceses a los jaulones de cría de Salburua (Vitoria-Gasteiz)
April, 2018

Since the beginning of the project, the exchange of information and experiences have been promoted with other LIFE projects, different public bodies, experts and interested in the conservation of the European mink.

Foto Alejandro Llop
November, 2016

The objective of the eradication actions is to eliminate the biggest enemy of the European mink, the American mink, in its area of distribution and zones of influence.

Protocolo de seguimiento del visón Europeo
October, 2019

Within the LIFE Lutreola Spain project (LIFE13 NAT / ES / 001171) this document has been prepared to identify the necessary parameters to obtain the information to assess the conservation status of the European mink as well as determine the periodicity of the field work and evaluate the different

Asunción Gómez
December, 2016

The use of mink rafts requires minimal training, both for placement and for tracking and trapping.

Protocolo de seguimiento del visón americano
October, 2019

Within the framework of the LIFE Lutreola Spain project, this document has been prepared and it summarizes the results of the eradication of the American mink, the application of their monitoring methodology and the evaluation of the results of said monitoring.