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Education / Awareness

As part of the actions of public awareness and dissemination of results information panels, technical and informative publications will be developed. Awareness campaigns and technical seminars will be carried out.

Publications and informative material developed during the project will be available to all users in digital format.

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Activity Notebook

How many do you know about the mink? Do you want to become an expert?

We have designed this activity notebook to give it in the schools where we give talks about this specie.

You can download it in Spanish or euskera and do the activities at home too!


This game is aimed at raise awareness about the life and the threats of the European mink.


SENDAVIDA is a partner of LIFE LUTREOLA SPAIN. It has organized on August Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays of 2014 the Iberian wildlife threatened week.

Some tests, games and gymkhanas have been celebrated in its Nature Class. The main objectives of the activities were:

  • Learn about the diversity of species in the Iberian peninsula
  • Recognize 5 species and their features
  • Learn about the state of conservation, habitat and threats of the Iberian species

You can download this poster of the project with a beautiful picture of the European mink, taked by Alejandro Llop.

It is available in Spanish and euskera.


The department of Education of SENDAVIVA has elaborated this descriptive sheet about this specie to know its biology and behaviour and identify its main threats.

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The brochures on European mink help you to know better this specie and our proyect in only one view.

You can download it in Spanish and euskera.

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From December 3rd to December 8th of 2014, SENDAVIVA has organized THE MINK WEEK with these two activities:

-‘Mink’s Life’: A simulation game where people went passing by different situations or threats present in diary life of European mink like small tests.

-Parents and children activity: ‘The explorer’s corner’. To know the main threats that cause the disappearances of the European mink and other animal species.


This action game shows how the American mink is able to displace the European mink and show other causes of the downturn of the specie.

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Teacher's dossier European mink

Design of a small dossier for teachers to do educational activities or talks. Autumn, 2017.

  • Time of activity: 2 hours (more or less)
  • Objectives: 
    • Get to know the European mink problematic
    • Consider the consequences of the loss of this specie (biological diversity)
    • To inform about how can we help (What can I do?)
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In 2004 the four Life projects to the European mink conservation of Álava, Castilla y León, La Rioja, Cataluña and Estonia have been coordinated to make this beautiful comic.

Thanks to the Diputación Floral of Álava, we have reviewed it and edited it to LIFE LUTREOLA SPAIN in Spanish and euskera.

The design and the pictures have been made by the artist AFCmintxo.

Enjoy it and share it!