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Training actions for the eradication of the American mink

December, 2016
Asunción Gómez

The use of mink rafts requires minimal training, both for placement and for tracking and trapping. Thanks to the realization of theoretical and practical courses, the personnel involved in the eradication actions of the American mink have been trained throughout the project area, mainly Forest Agents.

Qualified personnel with experience in the fieldwork and writing an eradication protocol have taught all courses. The training has not been uniform and has been adapted to each territory according to their needs

This action has been developed continuously throughout the life of the project allowing all staff involved from the beginning or the new incorporation is in continuous training. Usually in all territories prior to the commencement of each trapping campaign there are specific meetings to review, update, evaluate efforts and motivate staff involved in fieldwork.

Since the beginning of the project, 241 people have been trained and 32 training days have been held in the field and 12 specific courses (theoretical courses supported by talks).

When we have had the opportunity, we have been invited to participate in the courses to the neighbouring Autonomous Communities, disseminating the results and the methodology and favouring the expansion of the area of action of the eradication of American mink using mink rafts.