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American Mink Eradication Protocol

April, 2017
American Mink Eradication Protocol

This document, describes the techniques used, the work plan and the subsequent evaluation of the American mink control work carried out in LIFE LUTREOLA SPAIN.

This protocol is based on the previous experience of different eradication projects in Europe and on the results obtained within the preparatory action of the LIFE LUTREOLA SPAIN project "Verification of the effectiveness of the detection and capture methodologies of European mink and American mink" . This action evaluated the effectiveness of two methods of capturing the American mink, mink rafts used with great success in the United Kingdom, and traditional trapping on shore, used in Spain in the last 20 years.

The protocol is being applied in the actions of eradication of American mink of the project LIFE LUTREOLA SPAIN, being able to originate improved versions.